Mental Health and Recovery Board

Families of Addicts Clark County (FOA)

FOA is a grass-roots recovery support initiative which started in Dayton, Ohio and is now expanding to other Ohio cities.  We are working to reduce the stigma of addiction, ensure availability of adequate treatment and recovery support services, as well as to influence public opinion and policy regarding the value of recovery. We hold weekly support meetings where families and individuals affected by addiction can come for support, friendship and education. The sharing of our experiences, strength and hope offer a pathway to peace.

FOA welcomes familes, friends, those seeking recovery and those in long-term recovery to attend, as they can help us and we can help them, no matter where they are in their journey. All are welcome to attend with an attitude of willingness, open-mindedness and honesty.

If addiction has found its way into your life, please consider joining use at our weekly meeting for support, friendship and education.


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Contact Information   Directions
Brad & Melanie Silvus
50 W. High Street
P.O. Box 294
Springfield, OH 45501