Mental Health and Recovery Board

Frequently Asked Questions



All about the Mental Health & Recovery Board of Clark, Greene and Madison Counties.


For more detailed FAQ's regarding mental health and addiction, please click on this link sponsored by the Ohio Association of County Behavioral Health Authorities.


How does the MHRB plan for services?
Service planning for Clark, Greene and Madison Counties is a collaborative process that involves the MHRB and its contract agencies. Other community partners are included in the planning process, such as child protective agencies, juvenile and adult justice systems, developmental disabilities boards, county department of job and family services, and the county Family and Children First Councils.

How is MHRB funded?
The MHRB is funded by a mix of federal, state and local property tax (levy) funding. Approximately 70% of the MHRB funding is generated through local levy dollars. Without these flexible, locally generated dollars, we would not be able to provide the services our counties have come to rely on, such as detoxification programs, services to special needs populations like the elderly, housing supports to help individuals with mental illness live safely in the community and other vital programs. Individual county levy funds are never pooled or co-mingled. Money raised in each of the three counties through levies is used exclusively for the residents of each county.

Through contractural agreements, the MHRB provides funds to our partner agencies and governmental organizations to deliver behavioral health treatmant and prevention services. Annual allocation of dollars to our partner agencies is determined by the MHRB based on available resources and local priorities.

How is the MHRB organized?
The MHRB governing board is made up of 18 individuals from the three county area. Four members each are appointed by the County Commissioners from Clark and Greene Counties and two from Madison County. Each member serves a four year term.

Four members are appointed by the Ohio Department of Mental Health, and four members are appointed by the Ohio Department of Alcohol and Drug Addiction Services.

What is the diversity of the board members?
The MHRB represents a professional, knowledgeable and qualified membership. Ohio statutes specify that the board will include, among others, a psychiatrist, a mental health professional, a person receiving (of having had previously received) services paid for by public funds, a professional in the field of alcohol or drug abuse services and an advocate for people receiving treatment for alcohol or drug addiction.