Mental Health and Recovery Board



The Clark County Mental Health Foundation is a non-profit (501C3) corporation established in 1986 to identify, develop, obtain, manage, and provide monies to local agencies supported by the Mental Health & Recovery Board of Clark County.  The Foundation receives monies and administers an endowment fund, the proceeds of which are granted to local agencies that provide mental health services and alcohol/drug services to the citizens of Clark County.



One in 23 Clark County residents receives vital Mental Health & Recovery Board-supported services each year.  However, Board funding is restricted to such services as outpatient therapy, inpatient hospital treatment, and case management.  The Foundation annually awards grants to agencies of the Mental Health & Recovery Board for programs, activities, and educational opportunities that are both one-time initiatives – as opposed to ongoing services – and that would not otherwise be available within the current agency.


If you would like to contact the Mental Health Foundation, you can contact us via mail or email to :



Clark County Mental Health Foundation

1055 East High Street

Springfield, Ohio 45505


Mental Health Foundation Board Members:




Randall Comer, Chair

Gail Welsh, Vice-Chair

Nancy Boop, Secretary-Treasurer

Brock Burcham

Judy Hoy

Jerry Newport

Roseann Pratt

Darrin D. Spitzer

Otto Larson
Sheila Rice Beth Stumpf Rob Kampman  
 Horton Hobbs, IV    Ravi Shankar
William Hallmark


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