Mental Health and Recovery Board


Your MHRB and the not-for-profit agencies we support are dedicated to providing local residents with the highest quality, most cost effective and confidential services possible for individuals challenged with mental illness and/or substance abuse/addictions. Through a combined focus on education, prevention, early intervention and treatment our behavioral health system will help to improve lives and save thousands of dollars in future health care and other related costs in Clark, Greene and Madison Counties.

Mental health and substance abuse issues do not discriminate. They are real for many people.


Understanding mental illness means understanding illness in general. Mental illness is an illness just like a physical illnesses. They affect  a person's feelings,  behavior, as well as body. Mental disorders and substance abuse problems can affect people at any age, including children and adolescents. While a physical illness might affect the heart, lungs or kidneys; a mental illness or addiction can make it difficult to maintain relationships with people or cope with life's daily activities.  Mental illness may affect the body's senses, sleep patterns, energy levels, pain, tension levels and appetite. 


As with any other disease, vulnerability to addiction differs from person to person.  While the initial decision to use drugs or alcohol is mostly voluntary, once abuse takes over, a person's ability to use self-control becomes seriously impaired.  Addiction and substance abuse affects thinking, social and personal relationships and work performance.  Addiction may lead to serious legal problems, violence and other serious health problems.


In any given year,1 in 4 Ohioans suffer from some type of mental illness.  If you or someone you know may be suffering from mental illness or addiction, MHRB's funded agencies can help. The MHRB of Clark, Green & Madison Counties is committed to providing community education, early intervention, effective treatments and strict confidentiality to those in need. All services are provided on a sliding fee scale to make sure all local residents who are suffering can receive help.



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